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The New Galactic Phrasebook - Klingon
This page used to exist at http://members.aol.com/JPKlingon/newbook.html but has been retrieved from the Internet Archive, and reproduced here:

  • [k] are from the John M. Ford novel The Final Reflection, and

  • [tlh] refer to tlhIngan Hol, as presented in The Klingon Dictionary, by Marc Okrand .

  • [vulc.] Vulcan Dictionary references noted with [vulc.] are Copyright Prof. K.V. Zvelebil + Dr. M.J. Zvelebil.

'av guard (verb) [tlh]

'avwI' guard(noun, lit. one/thing which is/does guard )[tlh]

qa'vIn coffee[tlh]

nuqDaq yuch Dapol where do you keep the chocolate?[tlh]

toH jIDogh well, I be silly![tlh]

'ogh invent, devise [tlh]

*QISmaS* Christmas [tlh]

'Iw blood [tlh]

bang love, one who is loved [tlh]

tIn be big[tlh]

De'wI' computer[tlh]

ghun program (a computer)[tlh]

DIvI' Hol federation language (i.e., English) [tlh]

qorDu' family[tlh]

Dochvam this thing[tlh]

DoghwI' one/thing which is/does be foolish, silly [tlh]

Duy agent, emissary[tlh]

jagh enemy[tlh]

joH'a' big lord (used for God)[tlh]

Qapla' success, goodbye, farewell[tlh]

vaS'a' Great Hall[tlh]

veH tIn Great Barrier[tlh]

HIch handgun[tlh]

juH home, house[tlh]

Hab SoSlI' Quch Your mother has a smooth forehead [tlh]

Quch be happy[tlh]

pIn'a' master[tlh]

toy' serve (a master)[tlh]

nuq what?[tlh]

jup friend[tlh]

ghuy'cha' *@$% (swearing)[tlh]

petaQ %$@$!! (swearing)[tlh]

QI'yaH *?!#@ (swearing)[tlh]

Qovpatlh *%!@*# (swearing)[tlh]

Qu'vatlh #*@! (swearing)[tlh]

taHqeq #$!@# (swearing)[tlh]

toDSaH !@#$% (swearing)[tlh]

yIntagh $#!@ (swearing)[tlh]

roj peace, make peace[tlh]

rojmab peace treaty[tlh]

Dogh be foolish, silly[tlh]

Soj food[tlh]

Soy'wI' one/thing which is/does be clumsy [tlh]

toH tlhIngan Hol DajatlhlaH 'e' DaneH'a'?[tlh] So you want to speak Klingon?

tach bar, saloon, cocktail lounge[tlh]

Daj test inconclusively[tlh]

muS hate, detest[tlh]

muSHa' to love (literally, to dis-hate) [tlh]

tob prove, test conclusively[tlh]

HIq ale, wine[tlh]

HIqqIj black ale[tlh]

nIch ammunition[tlh]

poj analysis[tlh]

QeH be angry, mad[tlh]

'er type of animal[tlh]

chemvaH type of animal[tlh]

Ha'DIbaH meat, animal[tlh]

Qa' type of animal[tlh]

Qogh type of animal[tlh]

to'baj type of animal[tlh]

tlhIj apologize[tlh]

Hovtej astronomer (star-scientist)[tlh]

'ejDo' starship, starship class[tlh]

'ejyo'waw' star base[tlh]

Hov star[tlh]

Hovtay' star system[tlh]

puch toilet[tlh]

puchpa' washroom (bathroom) [tlh]

HIjol beam me up [tlh]

'IH be beautiful, handsome[tlh]

qoS birthday[tlh]

yab mind, brain[tlh]

HoD captain[tlh]

yuch chocolate[tlh]

So' hide, cloak[tlh]

So'wI' cloaking device[tlh]

DIvI'may'Duj Federation battle cruiser[tlh]

may'Duj battle cruiser[tlh]

qughDuj cruiser[tlh]

puqbe' daughter[tlh]

DaHjaj today[tlh]

jaj day[tlh]

pem daytime[tlh]

pemjep midday[tlh]

QI'lop a holiday[tlh]

tlhaQ be funny[tlh]

ghobe' no[tlh]

be'Hom girl[tlh]

loDHom boy[tlh]

jIleghbe' I don't see [tlh]

jIyaj I understand [tlh]

jIyajbe' I do not understand [tlh]

noH judge, estimate[tlh]

yoj judgement[tlh]

ruv justice[tlh]

taj knife, dagger[tlh]

pIqaD Klingon writing system[tlh]

pIntIn Big Boss[tlh]

QI'tu' Paradise[tlh]

chal sky (heavens)[tlh]

qama' prisoner[tlh]

ghunwI' one/thing which is/does program (a computer) [tlh]

qaStaH nuq what happened?[tlh]

qamuSHa' I not hate, detest you (i.e., I love you)[tlh]

quv honor, be honored [tlh]

pay regret[tlh]

lalDan religion[tlh]

bortaS revenge[tlh]

romuluSngan Romulan[tlh]

DuSaQ school[tlh]

yoD shield[tlh]

Duj ship, vessel[tlh]

toy'wI''a' slave[tlh]

DenIb Qatlh Denebian slime devil[tlh]

val be clever, smart, intelligent[tlh]

logh space[tlh]

tengchaH space station[tlh]

'ejyo' Starfleet[tlh]

HoS strength, energy, power[tlh]

veQDuj garbage scow (USS Enterprise)[tlh]

vavma' QI'tu'Daq quvjaj ponglIj... Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name... [tlh]

vulqan Vulcan (place)[tlh]

vulqangan Vulcan (citizen)[tlh]

be'nal wife[tlh]

nay marry (wife does this)[tlh]

loDnal husband[tlh]

Saw marry (husband does this)[tlh]

yIHmey SurghwI' tribble skinner[tlh]

yIH tribble[tlh]

jach scream, cry out, shout, yell[tlh]

HIja' yes, true[tlh]

luq yes, okay, I will[tlh]

wa' one[tlh]

cha' two[tlh]

wej three[tlh]

loS four[tlh]

vagh five[tlh]

jav six[tlh]

Soch seven[tlh]

chorgh eight[tlh]

Hut nine[tlh]

wa'maH ten[tlh]

pagh zero[tlh]

federazhon The United Federation of Planets.[k]

fedegonaase UFP standard language, whatever that is.[k]

gagny Damned.(swearing)[k]

g'dayt Undefined adjectives (gerunds?), roughly equivalent (swearing)[k]

g'daya to ''damned,'' but probably stronger.(swearing)[k]

kaase Hand.[k]

Kahlesste kaase! Kahless' hand,'' an oath referring to the story of the Emperor Kahless, who died with his hand tied to the controls of his ship in a battle against Romulans.[k]

kai Hail, or ''long live''. Used often, as ''Kai ''.[k]

kai kassai The same, emphasized. ''Kai kassai, Klingon!''[k]

khesterex Literally, ''the structure which dies.''[k]

khest To screw up.(swearing)[k]

khesterex thath Screwed up situation.(swearing)[k]

kherx A screw-up.(swearing)[k]

parkhest Damn!(swearing)[k]

khest'n roughly equal to ''damned.''(swearing)[k]

khest't roughly equal to ''damned.''(swearing)[k]

kleon Enemy, or opponent. Same, to a Klingon.[k]

klin That which is Klingon. One can be 'full of klin,' i.e., a worthy Klingon.[k]

Klingon Klingon. Noun only, I think.[k]


----- klingonaase The Klingonese language.[k]

komerex Literally, ''the structure which grows.'' Overtones of ''path,'' or even ''Tao.''[k]

komerex Klingon The Klingon Empire.[k]

komerex zha See 'zha' below.[k]

kuve Servitor; alternative translation is slave.[k]

kuvekhestat Worthless slave(s). See 'khest' above.[k]

kuveleta Half-slave; an insult. Klingons mix races freely, but have cultural prejudices against some.[k]

kuvesa tokhesa

tharkuve Deaf slave, unable to overhear secret conferences.[k]

tharavul Vulcan servitor, lobotomized to remove the Vulcan's telepathic powers. This is done voluntarily.[k]


----- straave, straav' Slave.[k]

tokhe straav' Willing slave. Just about the worst insult one can call a Klingon.[k]

tai Worthy, honored.[k]

epetai-zana Honored and exalted one.[k]

tai-kleon Worthy opponent. See 'kleon' above.[k]

teskas Compliments, praise.[k]

teskas tal'tai-kleon Compliments to a worthy opponent.[k]

tokhe Willing. See 'straave' and 'kuve' above.[k]

vird'dakaase Disruptor. Literally, ''shake-till-falls-apart tool.'' Note the -aase (or -kaase) suffix.[k]

zan Neutral title of respect; roughly equal to Mister.[k]

zha Game.[k]

klin zha The Klingon game (in several variations).[k]

klin zha kinta The Klingon game with living pieces.[k]

hum zha The Human game, chess.[k]

rom zha The Romulan game, latrunculo.[k]

komerex zha

----- zha riest'n It was a] pleasant game.[k]

sa tel'ren Two out of three. One can't assume sa=2 and ren=3.[k]

humanai kuvest' Either ''human slave'' or ''slave of the humans.''[k]

tokhest' From context, ''if he is willing or not.'' Your guess is as good as mine how much of that is in the -st', and how much is implied.[k]

komerex tel khesterex This was an interjection, probably ''grow or die.''[k]

jachchoHmeH 'Iwraj penaghtaH. Mate until your blood screams.[tlh]

choSuvchugh 'oy'lIj Daghur neH. Struggling only makes it hurt more.[tlh]

QoS sorry, to be sorry[tlh]

jIQum 'ej jIHoH I communicate and I kill[tlh]

mughwI'paq translator-book, i.e. 'phrase-book'[tlh]

qIb galaxy [tlh]

qoSlIj yItIv! Happy Birthday!(literally, Enjoy your birthday!)[tlh]

vav Father[tlh]

SoS Mother[tlh]

vavoy Daddy (dear father) [tlh]

SoSoy Mommy (dear mother) [tlh]

DaHjaj jaj QaQ Daghajjaj Have a nice day! (lit. today day good may you have), note: not a very Klingon greeting.[tlh]

DaH HIHoH Have a nice day! (lit. a command, 'Kill me now!') suggested as a joke - so that naive tourists would ask to be killed. [tlh]

mIghtaHghachvo' yImej 'ej yIQaQ! roj yInej 'ej yItlha' Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it.[tlh] Psalm 34.14

toDwI'maj qoS yItIvqu' Merry Christmas! (lit. ''Our-savior's birthday you-enjoy!'') [tlh]

    oops! that should be: toDwI'ma' qoS yItIvqu' Merry Christmas! (lit. ''Our-savior's birthday you-enjoy!'') [tlh]

   The difference is that the suffix -maj means our

thing, while -ma' means our

yIrojqu' Shalom. (lit. You! Really make peace! [tlh]

ravDaq jIQongnISqu''a'? Do I NEED to sleep on the floor?[tlh]

HItlhejQo'neS Take a hike. Please. Sir.[tlh]

Dochvam vISop net pIH'a'? Am I supposed to eat this?[tlh]

targh Boarlike animal - as close as Klingons come to dog or cat [tlh]

Saj pet - like a dog, or cat - more likely a targ, though. [tlh]

DuSaQ vumghachwIj Sopta' targhwIj My targ ate my homework! [tlh]

nuqneH (lit. what do you want?) Greetings | hello [tlh]

qatlho' I thank you [tlh]

tlhIngan Hol Dajatlh'a' Do you speak Klingon? [tlh]

rejmorgh SoHchugh vaj yInlIj ghur'a'? Will all your worries add a single moment to your life? Mt.6.27 ([tlh], lit. If you are a worrywart, will your life lengthen?)

Human human [tlh]

yoq humanoid [tlh]

jajlo'bIQ dew( lit. dawn | water) [tlh]

reH nay'meylIjyIn Dujablu'jaj may your dishes be always served alive

yItagh (Imperative) you begin! (a process, initiate (no.object)/him/her/it) [tlh]